Briana grew up as the creative, adventurous but gentle middle child of seven running free in the rolling hills of Blue Mound, Missouri, where she spent her days training horses, playing sports, and tinkering in her father's wood shop.  At the age of 15, the towering 5”11,” green eyed blonde of Swedish and German decent was spotted by an scout from St. Louis while searching for a pair of riding boots in town with her mother.  The long and lanky beauty with sawdust in her hair was sent to St. Louis for grooming and began walking for local runway shows. She modeled part time while remaining focused on school and sports. She exhibited paintings and woodworking designs in local art shows and competed as an all-state high-jumper before graduating and moving to New York City.

She was sent on her first go see to the Belgium luxury lingerie house Van de Velde, who booked her on the spot and would keep the shapely, long legged blonde as an in-house model for years to come.  It was here, influenced by the company’s long-standing commitment to ethical and social responsibility, that the blossoming young woman would develop a keen aesthetic sensibility alongside an appreciation for holistic sustainability and technical innovation.

Outside of modeling and exploring the globe, you'll find her taking courses at Columbia University, playing any sport, practicing yoga, piano, painting or writing.  She also loves to read, is fascinated by creative thinkers and innovators and champions a holistic approach to health and wellness.